Review: My Busy Green Garden


My Busy Green Garden (Tilbury House Nature Book)

by Terry Pierce (Author), Carol Schwartz (Illustrator), released January 31, 2017

There’s a surprise
In clever disguise,
That hangs in my busy green garden.


MBGG takes place in the tiny details of daily life in a garden. Each illustration creates a vacation from human perspective and gives you an intimate look at all the garden creatures as they interact with each other. The story seems to zoom in a spiral of lyrical dance, closing in tighter with each page around the main star of the book, a chrysalis.

The action of the creatures interacting, disturbing, parading dials up and up until – we hang at the precipice of the chrysalis’ debut and remove ourselves from the ground-level hubbub into an ethereal flight up and away looking down on the scene from above.

The beautiful pairing of rhyme and image have made it a frequent bedtime read at our house, and more than once it’s been found under the covers with the book light in the morning. 4-6 year olds will especially enjoy the science aspect, but younger children will be delighted by the images as well. See it here on Amazon.



Julianne Black has written and illustrated several books,  including Sleep Sweet the multi-award winning Augmented Reality picture book.  She is an internationally recognized graphic artist, fine artist and freelance contributor to Story Monsters Ink Magazine. She can be reached at


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