Review: The Hug Who Got Stuck


The Hug Who Got Stuck by Andrew Newman (Author), Alexis Aronson (Illustrator)

Mom’s Choice Award-winning The Hug Who Got Stuck is an amazing visual telling of what happens in our hearts when we withhold love.

In a totally fresh allegory, The Hug Who Got Stuck creates a visual narrative for our emotional reactions to that moment we are too upset to apologize, forgive or just love who we want to love.

When the hug gets stuck in the icky web of negative feelings, the whole hug factory shuts down, and the heart grows dark. But when the hug lets go and releases itself from the negativity it can fly out to love up its intended recipient and the hugs factory starts to whirr back into business.

The illustrations are as unusual as the story itself, full of detail and meaning wrapped up in a gorgeous layered and multimedia collage. Complete with a hug meter tucked thoughtfully at the end, The Hug Who Got Stuck is another big winner from The Conscious Book Club!

Available on Amazon here!

Happy Reading!

Julianne Black

Hi! I am the author and illustrator of over a dozen children’s books, including the Augmented Reality enhanced Sleep Sweet, exhibited at BookExpo 2017 in NYC and being used nationwide in children’s hospitals for relaxation and distraction therapy. I’m the recipient of multiple awards for my writing and artwork, most recently the 2017 Jack London Award from the California Writers Club. My work as an internationally recognized graphic designer and digital/print promotion specialist with clients including Sears, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Quebec’s Place Des Arts can be viewed worldwide. I’ve been published several years in a row in ComicCon International’s Souvenir book, Art 278, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, and multiple travel and trade publications.

I started BookTurnip because I am passionate about children’s literature! Reviewing new releases and interviewing the amazing minds behind them fires up my own creativity and helps fuel my passion for spreading the word on great books keep up with me by subscribing to the blog and check out my own site at




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