REVIEW: Cloth: 5-Step & Clay: 5-Step, Handicrafts for Kids

Cloth: 5-Step Handicrafts for Kids
by Anna Llimós (Author)


Beautiful and easy to follow, this book on cloth creations is sure to get the imagination going! With small, scalable projects that are sure to get big smiles, this offering is a great way to keep as a reference in a school art room or on hand for a rainy day!

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Clay: 5-Step Handicrafts for Kids 1st Edition
by Anna Llimós (Author)

All you need is some air-dry clay and the possibilities are endless! Anna Llimós shows us again how its done with her super simple steps and fabulous projects. Gender-neutral ideas and plenty of great photos make this book a handy treat for any family or classroom. Skill set is scalable along with how deep you want to get with each idea so it works for many age groups. Great fun and a wonderful overall presentation.

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