Review: Sammy’s Spooktacular Halloween

Sammy’s Spooktacular Halloween 

by Mike Petrik (Author)


Diehard Halloweenies unite! Sammy is ready for next Halloween – starting November 1st!  A fun story about a little boy in love with preparing for his family’s annual haunted house. Little ghosts and ghouls will love watching Sammy getting  ready for next Halloween; that is, if his family can handle a full year of tricks!


Review: Saturday Is Swimming Day

Saturday Is Swimming Day

By Hyewon Yum (Author, Illustrator)


Not all of us jump in the pool on the first day of swim class. Some of us just like to take our time with new things, and there is nothing wrong with that! Saturday Is Swimming Day is adorable on so many levels. The illustrations are wonderful; the writing is so relatable (to any age); and the way Yum captures the experience of a first swim lesson is spot on. Having recently been through swimming lessons with my own daughter, I can honestly say I wish I could have read this book to her before starting. If you have a first time swimmer, or really anyone wading into a new challenge, I would definitely recommend it!


Review: The Things That I LOVE about TREES


The Things That I LOVE about TREES

by Chris Butterworth (Author), Charlotte Voake (Illustrator)


Teachers rejoice! Here is a beautiful, fun, and factual book about trees that will be a treasured addition to an art or science room. From spring to winter, The Things I Love about Trees places quiet little tree factoids along the storyline for an information double dose, cleverly wrapped in soft illustration. This showcase of buds to bark makes a wonderful gift for any nature lovers of any age.

Review: Sun


By Sam Usher


Part of the Seasons with Granddad series, Sun is a gorgeously illustrated adventure into a day hotter than broccoli soup. Boy and Granddad travel miles across scorching deserts looking for some shade and a cool breeze for a picnic only to find…well, I won’t tell you. But thank goodness they had provisions to share!

A delicacy for the eyes and the imagination, Sun will not disappoint the adventure seeker in all of us.

Review: Hannah’s Tall Order: An A to Z Sandwich

Hannah’s Tall Order: An A to Z Sandwich

by Linda Vander Heyden (Author), Kayla Harren (Illustrator)



Hannah’s Tall Order is delicious fun for parents and children alike! Adorable illustrations pull you through the sing-song storytelling at a comfortable pace while your audience is entranced by its goofy details.The mess, the wear and tear on poor Mr McDougal, and the craziness of the food combinations are wonderfully amusing. This is among my top picks for read-aloud books this school year!

Review: The Sloth Who Slowed Us Down

The Sloth Who Slowed Us Down

By Margaret Wild (Author), Vivienne To (Illustrator)


Currently in pre-order, The Sloth Who Slowed Us Down is one to put on your list for holiday gifts this year! When Amy meets Sloth, her “World’s Fastest Family” is forced to take… things… a bit… slower… Instead of Sloth catching up to them, he teaches the family just how amazing the day can be when we relax a bit; take time to look at the stars; play fetch; and even just (gasp!) talk to one another. Sloth has been a big hit at our house and every time I see it in the bookshelf, it serves as reminder to check our speedometer!

Review: Babies Nurse / Así se alimentan los bebés

Babies Nurse / Así se alimentan los bebés

by Phoebe Fox (Author), Jim Fox (Illustrator), Wesley Davies (Illustrator), Victory Prd. (Translator)


This bilingual study on caretaking through nursing in the natural world relates through to the animal world, including humans. Gorgeous watercolors help to set the tone for a gentle portrayal of the nursing connection and the bond it creates between mother and child.

Winner of the Tillywig Awards for parents’ favorite products, Babies Nurse is a great balance of touching on each species’ preferred methods of nursing, from habitat to positioning, but without losing the loving feeling and being too scientific. Added bonus points for the Spanish translation!

Review: Ella and Monkey at Sea

Ella and Monkey at Sea

By Emilie Boon


A beautiful story about the experience of a young immigrant girl coming overseas to America with her mother and her stuffed animal monkey. In this sweet tale, Ella walks us through storms at sea, strange cabin beds, new playrooms, and adjusting to big change with her monkey calling the shots, of course!


Review: We Love Dinosaurs

We Love Dinosaurs

By Lucy Volpin (Author, Illustrator)


We Love Dinosaurs, we really do!

With fun and colorful illustrations set to a fast paced rhyming gait, We Love Dinosaurs is a joy to explore. Quick tidbits of information about the world of dinosaurs but not in a clunky or overly-factual delivery. Recommended for Pk-K, but it could stretch out to first graders as well. Another winner from Noisy Crow Publishing!