Review: Sunny Days

Sunny Days


by Jesse Byrd (Author), Jesse B Creative INC. (Creator), Anastasiia Ku (Illustrator)

Sunny Daysis a light-hearted story about a little girl coping with the changes in her neighborhood and the process of her community rebuilding after a hurricane. Excellent way to address the devastation and aftermath of a natural disaster and how it relates to a child’s perspective.

Great characters, jovial and bright illustration, and a delicately done storyline brings hope and love to a difficult situation. A beautiful healing tool for schools and families that have been through it and are picking up the pieces.

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Review: Real Jungle Tales

Real Jungle Tales


by Jesse Byrd (Author), Andressa Meissner (Illustrator)

Zee is punished on Halloween… can she come up with another way to score some treats? Fun, fast, and absolutely hysterical, Real Jungle Talesby Jesse Byrd and Andressa Meissner have created a highly entertaining picture book full to the brim with imagination any kid (and adult) can relate to! And if you don’t believe me, just ask the jungle mosquitoes which are as big as a moose!

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Review: Just Add Glitter

Just Add Glitter


by Angela DiTerlizzi  (Author), Samantha Cotterill (Illustrator)

Can you ever really have too much glitter? We’re thinking NOT! Just Add Glitteris a wonderful, and really visually interesting, picture book about a girl, her cat, and you guessed it–glitter.

The perfect gift for any bling–minded glitter guru in your life, Angela DiTerlizzi and Samantha Cotterill deliver the sparkle!

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Review: More Creatures and Characters: Drawing Awesomely Wild, Wacky, and Funny Animals

More Creatures and Characters: Drawing Awesomely Wild, Wacky, and Funny Animals


by Timothy Young  (Author)

Excellent inspiration for any preteen+ looking to develop cartooning skills. As opposed to a step by step on how to draw a series of animals, this book specializes in the possibilities one has in character creation. Highlighting a multitude of styles and concepts, More Creatures and Characters offers a vast overview of the nuances that go into character design and how to make a style all your own.

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REVIEW: Builders and Breakers

Builders and Breakers


by Steve Light  (Author, Illustrator)

Steve Light (Black Bird, Yellow Sun) brings us the behind the scenes operation of construction sites like only he can. With impactful, yet minimalist illustrations with a layered multimedia edge, his story takes us through the dance of destruction and creation in its relation to commercial construction.

Fun jumps from horizontal to vertical layouts and the alternating use of single word vs full sentences on each page invite the reader to play along and absorb each arrangement without rushing through to the end, allowing eyeballs to linger on the details, colors and perspectives. Thanks again, Steve Light!

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Review: Kids Cooking: Students Prepare and Eat Foods from Around the World

Kids Cooking: Students Prepare and Eat Foods from Around the World


by George Ancona (Author, Illustrator)

Opening this book was a real treat! I was expecting a cookbook style presentation with kid-centric cooking tips and recipes, but instead, Kids Cookingis very different!  George Ancona walks us through the kitchen experience like a photo journal of the events involved in preparing and cooking each meal. We get the play-by-play of the preparation but without specific measurements or baking instructions. It’s like a storybook about cooking.

This is a very unusual presentation on children’s cooking and definitely worth the read with its great images and the descriptions of each cooking activity worded for children to follow along. Buen provencho!

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REVIEW: The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering:  20 Lessons and Projects to Decorate Your World

The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering:  20 Lessons and Projects to Decorate Your World


by Nicole Miyuki Santo (Author)

Nicole Miyuki Santo has created a comprehensive and inspirational tutorial on hand lettering for really any age. You only have to look as far as Etsy to see that hand lettering has really become popular again! From gifts to school posters to simply taking seriously your own handwriting style, this book has so much to offer. You’ll get an overview on spacing, sizes (yes, I have gone off the page with my yard sale signs) materials, technique–all without becoming stuffy or rigid.

I think that one of the things that really makes The Kids’ Book of Hand Letteringsuccessful is the writing tone. The text is friendly and personal–not textbook, making each lesson or exercise easy and enjoyable. But really, this book is NOT just for kids. I would suggest it to any crafty (or wannabe crafty) individual.

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Review: Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists?

Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists?


by Patrick O’Donnell  (Author), Erik Mehlen  (Illustrator)

This adorable sing-song project has just enough dinosaurs to make it fun and just enough dentistry to calm a worried young mind. With this bright, light-hearted and fast paced book, O’Donnell and Mehlen accomplish exactly what they set out to do:  create a connection that softens the stress of a first dentist visit. Plus, they get extra points for taking the time to add a comprehensive educational list/overview of the dinosaurs mentioned and the dentistry terms touched upon.

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Review: Welcome To Country: A Traditional Aboriginal Ceremony

Welcome To Country: A Traditional Aboriginal Ceremony

By Aunty Joy Murphy (Author), Lisa Kennedy (Illustrator)


A beautiful gateway of artwork into a traditional welcoming ceremony of the Wurundjeri people, complete with a rich narration that speaks in ancient wisdoms and customs to a modern audience. Welcome to Country is a must read for anyone interested in the Aboriginal culture and the history of the Australian land as told by its custodians.