Review: The Best Mother

The Best Mother

by C. M. Surrisi (Author), Diane Goode (Illustrator)


Maxine is convinced that the problem is with her mother. The answer is, of course, to find a new mom–one that doesn’t bother her with hair brushing and would let her wear her slippers in the snow. But as she interviews other moms for the position, a funny thing starts to happen…is her old mother maybe ok after all? Loveable read for all ages.


Review: The Secret Life of Squirrels: Back to School!

The Secret Life of Squirrels: Back to School!

By Nancy Rose (Author)


In this latest book by Nancy Rose, super cute photos of squirrels interact with story line props to create a hybrid photography-journal-picture book. Kids will adore the closeup animal photography combined with dollhouse-like miniatures as Mr. Peanuts and Rosie get the squirrel school all ready for the first day of class!

Review: Pluto Is Peeved: An ex-planet searches for answers

Pluto Is Peeved: An ex-planet searches for answers

by Jacqueline Jules (Author), Dave Roman (Illustrator)


Poor Pluto! This is a comic-book-style story on a galactic scale of what happened to Pluto and how (and why) he lost his planet status. Walk through the science museum with our favorite ex-planet and get the behind the scenes scoop on what makes a planet a planet. Excellent for space fans and as additional science curriculum for grades 1-4.

Review: A Mighty Bitey Creature

A Mighty Bitey Creature

By Ronda Armitage (Author), Nikki Dyson (Illustrator)


This book is a blast to read out loud! When the jungle creatures are getting their poor little behinds nipped, there is only one thing to do about it! Go see the King! Who is biting their bottoms? What should they do? How will they stop it? You will enjoy this exceptionally fun read that will get K-3 kiddos roaring with laughter!


Review: King Ben and Sir Rhino

King Ben and Sir Rhino

by Eric Sailer (Author)


Ben is King, and kings should be able to do as they please, right? Rhino is his most loyal subject, and subjects should obey the King, right? Maybe being King isn’t all about getting your way afterall…a light story of friendship, sharing, and respect for all ages.

Review: How Do Fairies Have Fun in the Sun?

How Do Fairies Have Fun in the Sun?

By Liza Gardner Walsh (Author), Hazel Mitchell (Illustrator)


What do Fairies do on their summer vacations? Do they prefer beach days or boating, hiking or surfing? Fairy lovers will enjoy this sweet rhyming tale of Fairy summer fun, complete with instructions on how to build your own little Fairy house! Gentle yet wonderfully detailed, this is a great wind-down book that will definitely engage your own magical imagination.

Review: What If Everybody Said That?

What If Everybody Said That?

by Ellen Javernick (Author), Colleen Madden (Illustrator)


This is a great one for bully awareness and being kind campaigns at school or difficult talks at home. Why? Because there are many situations where it makes a bigger impact to see the consequences of one’s actions or, in this case, words. In What if Everybody Said That, not only do we see the remarks that are hurtful as examples of what not to say, but they are paired with possible consequences about how they make others feel or what impact negative words have on our surroundings.  Javernick and Madden let you experience what it looks like to be on the other side of unkind words and it makes an impact. Powerful but not preachy, What If Everybody Said That? Is a wonderful pro-kindness tool.

Review: My Stinky Dog

My Stinky Dog

By Christine Roussey (Author)


Dog lovers unite! Stinky or clean, our dogs are the best dogs, right? Alfred is no different! Even if he may smell of moldy mud, stale cheese, rotten mushrooms, and more, he is still the best! But if the little boy in this story wants to take him to New York with the rest of the family, he might need a bath. My Stinky Dog takes us on an odor-iffic adventure to explore what makes us who we are.


Review: Mother Ghost: Nursery Rhymes for Little Monsters

Mother Ghost: Nursery Rhymes for Little Monsters

by Rachel Kolar (Author), Roland Garrigue (Illustrator)



Is it Halloween yet? Get the kids ready for trick or treating with the cleverly adapted fairy tales from Mother Ghost! Here you will find spirited remakes of favorite nursery rhymes told with a ghoulish twist like What are Little Bats Made of? Along with Hey Diddle Diddle, Black Cat with a Fiddle, they are so much fun to read and share! Illustrator Roland Garrigue knocks it out of the park with his creepy visual pairings that give the whole book a wickedly fun appeal.